Nokia vows to fight Android 'aggressively'

Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop has been talking about the future of the company, with low-end being the name of the game.

On a conference call with investors, Elop talked up the company's relationship with Microsoft and its Windows Phone operating system and hinted at the company's future strategy, especially when it comes to competing with Android.

'We need to compete with Android aggressively,' said Elop. 'The low-end price point war is an important part of that.' Answering a question about whether Nokia was planning to launch Windows Phones at lower price points than Nokia's Lumia 610, Elop said it was 'absolutely' planning to do this.

'We had plans already to go lower than the 610,' he said, adding that Nokia and Microsoft had identified 'ways to go even further than we anticipated.'

The Nokia Lumia 610 got a reasonable review off us, but it has struggled with key apps since it launched, which has obviously not done the company any favours. That's the problem of having a phone with just 256MB of RAM.

If Nokia goes lower, it needs to sort that out, perhaps working with app makers to get Windows Phone apps that are compatible with both the top-end and the lower-end. A new version of Angry Birds is being developed to run on the Lumia 610 - two versions of apps on the platform might well be one of the ways forward.

Source: The Verge

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