HTC One X suffers grip of death problems

It got a very impressive review off us, but it seems that the HTC One X is showing something of a problem for some of its early purchasers.

Reports are starting to appear which point to Wi-Fi problems with the HTC One X. That problem harks back to the iPhone 4 launch, with the words 'grip of death' being mentioned once more. It's not really the same problem though. In this case, users report experiencing difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi networks and an annoying lag when playing games. It's also having an adverse effect on battery life too.

On the flipside, it seems that there is a 'grip of life' too, with users reporting an improvement in signal when the One X is squeezed in a particular way. That might provide some comfort, but it is far from ideal. One forum has offered details of how to check if your phone might be at fault, as well as a way to do a quick fix. But that's surely a last resort. HTC needs to do something really.

HTC is aware of the problem now and has asked affected users to get the attention of the HTC rep monitoring the XDA forum above, so that the support team have as much information to go on as possible. In effect, they are struggling to replicate the problem.

If that's not bad enough for the company and users, the One S is also suffering from a connectivity-related issue. Users have reported that when in a weak signal area, the phone 'spins out' attempting to connect, disabling various buttons while acting as if others are being repeatedly pressed. Not ideal - and another ongoing issue for HTC to solve quickly, before the phones get a bad name.

Source: The Register

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