Sony launching new Xperia on 22 June

If all goes to plan, the latest Xperia smartphone will launch on 22 June. However, you could influence that date and bring it forward.

Sony is running a Facebook-based 'Fast Forward' campaign - if if you click to fast forward the announcement, it will edge a little closer. So the more people that do that, the earlier it will launch. So far, 2,102 fans have moved the announcement forward by 0 days, 11 hours, 42 minutes and 20 seconds. Not a massive jump, but it's early days as yet.

Will it be one phone or more? Possibly more. On the same page, Sony is running a competition and under the 'Win the next Xperia' banner, there are four boxes with a padlock on each. That could mean a launch of four new devices. Presumably all on that advanced date. If you want to influence it, the page is here.

As for what you are voting for, that's not clear. But the mid-range ST21i, which leaked back in April, could well be the launch, or one of the launches.

UPDATE: the launch has already been brought forward to now by hordes of excited Sony fans, and the result was a mid-range social phone known as the Miro. Those previously excited fans are now a little peeved that it wasn't something more high-end, and are voicing their rage on Sony's Facebook page. Ohhh dear...if there's one thing we've learned, it's don't make the interwebs mad...

Source: Xperia blog

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