APP WATCH: Songify for Android

Not musical but want to be? Speak anything into Songify, and this free app will chop and sequence your words into pre-recorded background music to create a song of your own.

The Android version recently hit the Google Play store after it launched for iOS last summer.

According to The Verge, developer Smule originally said that the high audio latency (lag between a sound signal entering the system and leaving it) of most Android phones made the OS difficult to develop for. However, as the number of devices on this OS has skyrocketed, the developer has now, ahem, changed its tune.

Songify is just one of Smule's portfolio of auto-tuning apps that includes Magic Piano, where you tickle the virtual ivories while the app autotunes whatever travesty you wreak on one of 500 preloaded classic and pop tunes. Perhaps that will be next to make it to Android?

For now, would-be songbirds on Android will have to content themselves with Songify, available free on Google Play.

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