Apple improves its iPad Smart Cover

When it came to mobile devices, iOS 6 was undoubtedly the star of last night's WWDC show. But none of that will be seen before autumn. If you want something new before then, you might want to invest in the all-new Smart Cover.

Yes, Apple has upgraded its iPad protective case, which now has double the amount of covering, both front and back. A bit of a no-brainer really, as anyone who has owned an iPad for a while well tell you. While the original case kept your screen safe, it didn't do the rear of your device any favours, so the odd mark and scratch was inevitable on the go. A new polyurethane back plate should sort that out.

Same way of folding and standing though, should you enjoy the current incarnation's functionality. There are six different colours to choose from – light and dark grey, blue, green, pink and red – all selling for £39.99, which includes free engraving if you want to add your own stamp.

Sadly, no sign of a mini version of the cover, as the iPad mini didn't launch at WWDC. But that's still a likely launch when Apple next faces the press in the autumn. That's also the date of iOS 6 launching for the iPad, as well as Siri hitting Apple's tablet. You can find out all about that here.

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