Amazon's Appstore could be Europe-bound this summer

It's been the great on/off story of the last nine months, the ongoing saga of the Kindle Fire's potential launch in the UK. It might just have got a step closer.

According to AllThingsD, citing 'sources familiar with the company’s plans', Amazon is getting close to launching its Appstore in Europe later this summer, marking the first time the store will be available outside of the US.

Little else is known, but the same sources claim that Amazon will announce next week that it will start accepting submissions from developers keen on getting a foot in its new empire. Obviously that leads to further speculation – the launch of the Kindle Fire?

That too has only been available in the US thus far, but with an Amazon Appstore hitting Europe, logic dictates that the device running alongside it will also launch. Sales of the Kindle Fire are said to be declining, so opening it up to a larger market makes a lot of sense. That need to launch might have become more urgent with another budget Android tablet, the Google Nexus, likely to launch worldwide before the month is out.

However, launching isn't just a matter of changing a few plugs. Amazon would have to secure licensing deals for each country to enable its music and video services to work abroad. That could already be taking place. Time will tell. But all the signs are positive on a launch of both Appstore and tablet.

Source: AllThingsD

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