Original iPad could miss out on iOS 6

As you are probably well aware, there's a keynote speech tonight at the Apple WWDC event. If you want to know what to expect, check out our preview of what Apple is rumoured to be launching or announcing. But there's something that might not be announced at the event – iOS 6 on the first generation iPad.

That story has come out of China, specifically a Chinese forum, which has found links for the software releases set to be announced today. The links aren't currently active (as you might expect), but they don't offer the usual 'access denied', indicating they are active URLs, just not 'active' as yet, if you know what we mean.

Anyway, these links cover all the devices you would expect to be on the receiving end of an iOS 6 upgrade, including the iPhone from the 3GS onwards. But the original first generation iPad isn't listed. If the links are genuine, it indicates that Apple is dropping support for the first iPad.

It's not the only device to lose out either. The third generation iPod touch is also not listed, but it's the highest profile device to be dropped by Apple if this is the complete list. All should be revealed tonight. But if you have an original iPad, you might want to prepare yourself for the worst.

Source: Mac Rumors

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  1. Guest
    Guest11th Jun 2012

    The 3GS is older than the iPad isnt it? If it can run IOS6, the iPad shouldnt struggle.

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