Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 4S drop tests

Samsung's beautiful new Galaxy S III smartphone is a work of art, but how does it cope when things get rough? And is it as tough as Apple's iPhone 4S?

Our buddies over at SquareTrade are always warning us that around half of all smartphones fail because of a drop or spill, so it's worth knowing before you splash out hundreds of pounds if your new gadget can survive a fall. Thankfully they pitted their very own Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 4S handsets against the pavement, to show us just how durable these two mobile heavyweights really are. Even better, they shot a video so you can see the results for yourself...

Spoiler alert! Sadly the Galaxy S III didn't fare too well - the beautiful 4.8-inch screen cracked apart on all of the tests, while the iPhone sustained only cosmetic damage when dropped from ear-height and taking a tumble from a car. The rather dramatic kiddie test killed both of the mobiles, but if our son did that to our smartphone, it'd be a short trip to belt land for the boy (not really, of course - we're total walkovers...)

And if you've jailbroken your iPhone and are worried about voiding that Apple warranty, fear not – SquareTrade will still happily insure your mobile, in case you accidentally recreate that video in real life.

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