More details of iPhone 5 emerge

A lot of talk about the outer shell and screen of the new iPhone 5, but not a lot has been said about the proposed inner workings. Perhaps because not a lot has been known about them. Until now, that is.

The 9to5 Mac site, which seems to have plenty of inside information, has listed a few tasty snippets about the upcoming Apple smartphone, hinting at just what will power it.

It's said to run via a Samsung-made ARM S5L8950X processor, a step up on the processors used in both the iPhone 4S and the most recent iPad, presumed to be a low power dual-core processor. That will be matched with 1GB of RAM, which is down on something like the Galaxy S III, but should be perfectly good for running the iOS 6 operating system and apps.

Talking of IOS 6, that's said to be more or less ready to go (hardly surprising, if Apple is showing it off at this month's WWDC event), which should mean the October shelf date for the new iPhone is unlikely to slip, barring 'any unforeseen chip, part shortages/labour outages'. In fact, it might even slip out a little earlier, which would certainly be a pleasant surprise.

You suspect there's more to come on this (the 9to5 Mac site hints at as much), especially if Apple is ahead of schedule with the phone. Saying that, it's still highly unlikely that Apple will show off a new phone at WWDC, although there's always a slight chance.

Source: 9to5 Mac

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