Nokia Lumia 610 struggling with key apps

Earlier this week, we reported that the Nokia Lumia 610 was heading to the UK in June at a very reasonable price. But now we have learned that the Windows Phone might just struggle with some of the apps in the Windows Marketplace.

The problem seems to be memory – or a lack of it. The Lumia 610 is an entry-level phone, which means corners have been cut to keep that price down. One of them is the memory, which comes in at 256MB of RAM. That has created problems running some of those apps.

Heading up the list are two of Windows Phone's biggies, Skype and Angry Birds. Also mentioned in the list are PES 2012, Plants vs Zombies and Assassin's Creed, all of which greet you with an error message when you try to download them. That's not good.

Hopefully it's a temporary problem, as app makers gets to grips with the broader spectrum of Windows Phones. A new version of Angry Birds is launching for phones with low memory and if the Lumia 610 takes off, you can be sure other app makers will be ensuring compatibility.

It just might take off too. The Windows Phone 7.5 device lands in the first week of June, offered free on £15 per month contracts, with SIM-free models expected to retail for around £189. It comes in blue, white, black and pink and is available from Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4u, as well as Vodafone, O2 and Virgin.

Want to see a hands-on? You can check one out here.

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