Microsoft Office for tablets set to launch this year

There are plenty of ways to edit documents via a tablet right now, but let's be honest, the arrival of a Microsoft Office suite at the right price would be a wonderful thing. A new rumour claims that will happen this year.

Yes, another rumour. You may recall The Daily claimed to have had a hands-on with the app back in February, with talk of it being submitted to Apple around that time. If that was the case, we would have expected to have seen it by now. Perhaps it was simply a working prototype.

That original story also claimed that the app was iPad-only, but the latest rumour claims Microsoft Office is being developed for both the iPad and Android tablets. BGR quotes a 'reliable source' at Microsoft who in turn claims that the software giant is planning to launched a full Office suite for both platforms, with November being the targeted launch date.

The source also claims the finished product is 'almost identical' to the one in the previous leak. That's the definite. Now a possible. It seems that the loading screen of the iPad says 'Office for iOS', which could mean the app will also be compatible for the iPhone too.

Time will tell on that one, but if you like the idea of being a little more productive with your tablet, you should be able to do that before the year is out.

Source: BGR

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