APP WATCH: Google Search for iPhone overhauled

Google has reworked its Search app for the iPhone, improving both the look and the performance of the app.

Speed is the key word here, with auto-completion of search suggestions now included, changing with every letter you input. Pages will also load faster, with multiple pages now possible with the slide-in panel. Moving between search results and pages is also easier – just a flick of the finger away in fact. Searching within a webpage is improved, thanks to the built-in text finder, while 'auto full screen' means you get more of the page on your phone.

Image search has also been improved. Tap the images button at the bottom of the search results page and you'll get a selection of high resolution images loading in grid form on the page. Browse those, then tap on one to see it full screen or tap and hold to download the shot to save to your camera roll.

That same app also has access to many other Google services and web apps too. Sign in once and you'll have access to all of them, from Photos and Docs through to Google+, all loading a little faster than the previous app.

If you want it, head over to the app store now. or if you already have a version, just hit update. You will need to have a minimum of iOS 4.2 though, which we're guessing is the majority of you.

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