Apple's FaceTime could become 3G

Apple first introduced FaceTime calling back in 2010, but there was one thing that held it back – being a Wi-Fi service only.

In some ways, that was a good thing, as it kept the charges for those video calls down to zero, but on the downside, it did limit the service's use to being in or near a Wi-Fi zone. That's not so good, especially outside of more built up areas.

Apple could be about to change that. According to Apple Insider, the latest build of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 5.1.1, contains a warning that pops up when the 'Enable 3G' option is turned off during a call. It says: 'Disabling 3G may end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 3G?'

A similar warning appears when you turn the 3G option back on. Despite the warnings, calls continue uninterrupted over Wi-Fi, but it does suggest that Apple is readying a 3G option for FaceTime.

Apple has always intended to extend FaceTime beyond Wi-Fi, with Steve Jobs remarking that the company needed to 'work a little bit with the cellular providers' when he launched the original service.

Perhaps that work has been done, although there is still likely to be the option for networks to block or restrict FaceTime over their data networks. After all, the networks didn't exactly embrace Personal Hotspots when they were introduced by Apple.

Source: Apple Insider

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