Amazon could launch cheaper Kindle Fire

The headline feature of the Amazon Kindle Fire is already the price, but it new rumours become reality, it could get even cheaper.

AdAge reports that Amazon is looking to use ads on the home screen of the Kindle Fire tablet. That's according to an executive at an ad agency, one which Amazon has already pitched the concept to. The online retail giant is offering packages of around $600,000 for companies wanting promotion on the Kindle Fire screen.

Amazon already offers similar advertising on its Kindle ereaders in the US, which come with sponsored screensavers. That means the price for consumers is up to $40 (£25) less than the full price. If you carry that into the Kindle Fire, it would mean the current model would sell for $150 (£95).

It could well be a proposed offering for the new model of the Kindle Fire, which is said to be launching towards the end of the year with an 8.9-inch screen as opposed to the current seven-inch display.

But the budget pricing model is likely to be the same – and if those ads get rolled out worldwide, possibly even cheaper.

Source: TechRadar

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