Amazon to launch an updated Kindle Fire

There has been a rumour of a second model for some time, but now it looks like a new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet will be here before the year is out.

Well, when we say 'here', we mean on the market, as opposed to being in the UK. After all, we are still waiting for a launch of the original tablet around eight months after the US launch. There was talk of a January launch, but that came and went and to be honest, we've heard nothing since.

Maybe Amazon is holding off until this second tablet arrives. That has been confirmed to Reuters from sources close to the matter. The new tablet is said to be larger than the seven-inch original (nearer 8.9 inches) which makes it competition for Apple's iPad. Ironic, as Apple is rumoured to be creating an iPad mini to take on the original Kindle.

Nothing else is known, but you would expect the new tablet to have an upgraded version of Android. The current Kindle Fire has a modified version of Android and that's likely to be the case with the new tablet. But probably something based on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or even Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean), which could be out around the same time as the proposed shelf date for this device.

That's said to be 'closer to the holiday season later this year'. Or in other words, in the run-up to Christmas. Keep those fingers crossed that Amazon makes enough to bring to the UK too.

Source: Reuters

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