Apple to launch 3D Maps app for iOS 6

The launch of iOS 6 is expected on 11 June at the WWDC event in San Francisco, but details of it are a little thin on the ground. Except when it comes to the mapping.

Those details are available via those ever-popular 'trusted sources', who have passed on what they know to the 9 to 5 Mac site. That site claims Apple has developed a new, in-house Maps app which is 'fairly similar' to the current Google Maps program on Apple mobile devices, but is 'much cleaner, faster, and more reliable'.

Previous mapping apps have used a Google backend, but in iOS 6, now that Apple has purchased the Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9 companies, the new backend will use Apple's own mapping database and be called Maps.

As well as the new database, the app is said to have a new logo and more significantly, Apple's own version of Street View, as well as a 3D mode.

The 3D mode does not come enabled by default, but if you click a 3D button, you get 'beautiful, realisitic graphics' based on 'de-classified missile target algorithms'. Sounds impressive, let's just hope the 3D stuff and the detailing mapping is worldwide, not just confined to the US.

Not long to wait before we find out. If this is an iOS 6 component, it's likely to be one of the showcased products at the WWDC event, which is less than a month away.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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