Seven-inch iPad set for October 2012 launch

We heard it was going into production with an eye on a late 2012 launch, but new rumours point to an October launch for the iPad mini.

That's according to iMore, which claims that a seven-inch iPad will be launched this October, alongside the new iPhone. There have been rumours of an earlier iPhone launch, but realistically, it was always going to be late in the year. As for price, that's being pitched at between $200-$250, which is around £150 and £200 if you do the straight currency conversion. Not that Apple is likely to do that. But we can hope.

Apple plans the smaller and cheaper tablet to give it a strong position in this market, keeping the competition from the Kindle Fire and the expected Google tablet at arm's length. It will do it via a similarly-small tablet that will be otherwise identical to the current iPad.

That should mean a 2048x1536-pixel resolution display, just like the new iPad, with a pixel density at around 326 ppi, the same as the iPhone 4S retina display. On the downside, the price is likely to be kept down with less storage – the $200-$250 is likely to get you 8GB.

The tough part for Apple is likely to come further down the line, convincing us to part with £329+ for the full-size model when a smaller model is available for (possibly) half the price. Then again, the overall increase in app and media sales might offset any losses there.

Source: iMore

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