HTC Desire C will be a budget Android

We initially heard the name HTC Golf, then the phone briefly became the Wilfire C. But now it looks like the new budget Android from HTC will actually launch as the HTC Desire C.

Not only has it been renamed, the phone has also been caught on camera, although the shot of the phone doesn't really tell us a great deal. It look fairly typical of a 2012 touch-screen smartphone, with nothing really jumping out at us.

A previous leak has highlighted the expected specification though, which does tell us a lot more. That claimed the phone will launch with the Ice Cream Sandwich variation of Android and will run on an 800MHz single-core processor. Also rumoured is 512MB RAM, 4GB of storage and a 3.2-inch 480x320-pixel display.

That puts it below the HTC One V, which indicates this is a budget offering from HTC, probably taking over from the HTC Wildfire line.

Time will tell, but not too much time, as this is likely to be launching in June.

Source: IT Pro Portal

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