APP WATCH: Tu Me VoIP app launches

Skype has a rival, with telecoms firm Telefónica offering the Tu Me app for the iPhone.

Telefónica owns O2, so if you have any dealings with that network, expect this to be heavily promoted in the coming weeks. Although it is worth pointing out that this isn't an O2-exclusive product. Anyone can install the app, as long as you have an iPhone. An Android version is coming soon, according to Telefónica.

Once you get the free app, you can call anyone else with the app for 'free'. That's free in the sense that no call charges will be listed, although you will have any calls deducted from your data allowance, as these calls obviously use data for connecting. You can also send photos, location information and voice messages across the service.

It might sound strange to hear about a mobile network offering free VoIP calls, when that kind of app could cut into the profits of a mobile company. But Telefónica has said it would 'rather keep the customer than lose them to other products and services', which seems like a good reason to us for going down this route.

So a threat to Skype? Possibly, but the service does have its limitations. For example, you can't make calls to home phones. Saying that, Telefonica has indicated that it will be adding more functionality to the product over the coming months, so you never know. Grab it now if you want to try it out. Just make sure you have a friend or two with the app as well.

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