iPhone 5 now rumoured for September launch

When we hear an Apple rumour, we always like to have a pinch of salt to hand. Not least, because the rumours constantly change from week to week. This week, there's talk of the iPhone 5 launch now being slated for September.

Yes, a late one and a date that contradicts recent wisdom about an iPhone 5 launch at the WWDC event in San Francisco next month. Who to believe? That depends on how much weight you put behind this Digitimes report.

This Far Eastern publication claims that Pegatron, an Apple device manufacturer, has taken orders for the new phone, reorganising its factory in preparation for the work ahead. That work will, it says, come to a head in September, when the phone is launched.

As we have said previously, a late launch does make a lot of sense, not least because the existing iPhone 4S will have had a proper shelf life before being replaced by what's expected to be a completely redesigned smartphone. But those June rumours persist, so only time will tell. If June comes and goes, we'll certainly know for sure.

The report contained another Apple rumour too, namely the launch of a 10-inch iPad. That's an interesting one, not least because that size of tablet hasn't been rumoured before. It's also down for a launch before Christmas.

We're not convinced about that one and wonder if the rumour mill has just got its sizes wrong. After all, there is talk of an iPad mini, which was believed to be launching around that time. Again, only time will tell – although we are putting this one under 'possible' rather than 'probable'.

Source: Digitimes

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