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With more and more of our lives and work stored on smartphones and tablets, hackers and cyber-rascals are targeting more mobile devices than ever. You may not quite need a military-grade super secure Android, but with mobile banking nigh - and about a thousand smartphone-seeking trojans popping out a month - security apps for your smartphone have never been so relevant (and sexy, really sexy). Here are three good 'uns for your next download.


McAfee WaveSecure 

This all-in anti-theft app offers data backup as well as remote security features that let you locate the phone, remotely lock it and in worst case scenario, wipe it of all data and account info.


McAfee WaveSecure for Android


Free seven-day trial, £12.50/year
Available on Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Phone, iOS and Java 


Lookout Mobile Security
If you're after antivirus protection, Lookout will screen and protect against malware, spyware and fraudulent links. It'll also scan for unsecured Wi-Fi networks (a no-no for sending sensitive data like bank numbers over). Upgrading to premium adds backup service as well as remote security to lock and wipe stolen devices.


Lookout Mobile Security

Free; £1.99/month or £19.99/year for Premium
Available on Android and iOS


Bullguard Mobile Security 10
Got some rugrats to call your own? Bullguard adds a Parental Control feature to monitor your child's phone, while remote security plus antivirus and anti spyware featurs run in the background to ward off cybercrime. You can access your smartphone online too - from text messages and call history to data backup. Spamfilter lets you block unwanted texts and messages.


Bullguard Mobile Security remote access

Available on Android (2.0 and newer), BlackBerry, Symbian


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