Advertising Standards Authority looks into new iPad

The row over 4G is still making headlines and as a result, still looking some way off for us UK mobile phone users. But Apple has still been advertising an iPad with 4G capabilities. What gives?

Well, it looks like Apple will not be advertising the 4G prowess of its tablet for much longer. According to the BBC, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is said to be unhappy with Apple's current promotional material. This, after an agreement was said to have been made to amend claims about the latest iPad. Specifically, a letter to one complainant says that Apple 'have advised us that no further reference to the 4G capabilities of the iPad will be made on their UK website'.

The UK does not yet have widespread 4G coverage and the iPad will be incompatible with UK networks when it does finally launch, due to the frequencies employed. That's the problem. Apple, for its part, seems to have removed references to 4G from the webpage subject to the complaint and has edited a video that contained references to 4G.

But if you go onto the Apple site, you'll still be offered a 'wi-fi + 4G' version of the iPad. However, the smallprint explains that '4G LTE' is only on certain networks and in certain countries.

'If it appears that the problem claims we asked Apple to remove are still appearing,' the regulator said, 'we will investigate these new complaints.'

Apple refused to comment on any discussions with the regulator, but did state that no undertaking was given to remove all references to 4G from its site. Expect this one to run and run.

Source: BBC

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