Nokia Lumia 900 delayed for the UK

If you have your eye on the Nokia Lumia 900, we have some bad news. The phone is subject to a delay in the UK.

It's a case of good news for Nokia, bad news for UK punters, with the planned launch date pushed back because of the phone's popularity in the US. A company spokesperson told the V3 site that the handset would now be targeted for launch in 'mid-May'.

'The overwhelming demand for the Lumia 900 in the US with AT&T has, unfortunately, had a small knock-on effect on product availability in the UK,' the spokesperson said. The Lumia 900 is now expected to be available from Phones 4u around 14 May.'

Nokia confirmed to us originally that there wasn't yet an 'official UK release date' for the Lumia 900, so officially no delay, although we suspect a number of you have been planning around that Phones 4u shelf date. But Nokia did confirm 14 May as the new shipping date, with Carphone Warehouse also planning to ship the phone next month, but without a specific date.

In the US the company is working to meet stock shortages, especially for the white model, which has proven very popular among consumers. That's a good sign, but if Nokia can't feed that demand, all its worth could go to waste.

In addition, the phone may only have a limited shelf life, with talk of the Lumia 900, like all Windows 7 phones, being unable to upgrade to Windows Phone 8. That launches in the latter part of 2012.

Source: V3

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