Vodafone offers Samsung Galaxy S III updates

The phone is yet to launch, but we already have some network confirmation for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Vodafone has taken the bold step of uploading a registration page for 'your next Galaxy', which is 'coming to Vodafone', according to that teaser page. Is it going to be a Vodafone exclusive? Possibly not, but there's now no doubt that Samsung's upcoming flagship phone will be landing on that particular network when it lands on UK shores.

It's the latest piece of pre-publicity surrounding a phone that's dominating the news pages right now. Yesterday, Samsung started its own countdown, which ended with a new trailer on YouTube that didn't show the phone or indeed, confirm the name. However, that name has now been confirmed by another Samsung product.

Samsung has just made available the Unpacked Mobile 2012 Android app, which is the mobile version of the press event taking place on 3 May. That app promises news on 'new product launches before anyone else' and live streaming of the London conference. But it also uses the Galaxy S III name for the first time (officially) in the app description.

So we have the name, we have the teaser, we have the app, we have the launch date and we have a UK network, not to mention much of the specification. If someone leaks the official press shots before the week is out, we'll have a full house.

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