Boeing makes super secure Android phone

Aerospace manufacturer Boeing is throwing its hat into the smartphone ring, announcing that it'll be making an Android phone for the US Government.


Boeing also specialises in defense and security, so it'll be creating the ultimate secure smartphone for all the top-secret goings on of military officials.


The smartphone, thus far referred to as the Boeing phone, will work just like any other Android handset but will be fitted with the tightest security measures – not unlike super-secure feature phone, the Enigma E2.


Boeing VP of secure infrastructure Brian Palma said that it would be competing with other high-security encrypted devices, whose price points clock in at US$15,000-$20,000. 


'We are going to drive down towards a lower price point, but ... not a mass-market price point,' he said. Naturally it won't be available to the public - but it's doubtful anyone would be tempted.


Palma said the Android OS was used over a proprietary system like on competing products as the phone's market wanted a smartphone with apps just like on a regular consumer device.


The Boeing Android phone is pipped to land at the end of 2012 – wonder how the specs will stack up to the sort of Androids we're used to seeing?


Source: National Defense Magazine

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