New iPhone 5 touted for June launch

It's not exactly set in stone, but a representative at the manufacturing plant for Apple's iPhone has hinted at the launch of a new model sooner rather than later.

The admission (if it was that) was made in a TV interview with TV-Tokyo. That interview was with a recruiter at Foxconn, which makes the iPhone for Apple in China. In the interview, it was mentioned that the company plans to add 18,000 workers to the 80,000 already recruited there 'for the fifth-generation phone', with the interviewee believing that the device will make its debut in June.

Make of that what you will. Apple did used to release iPhones in June, but that slipped last year and the general feeling was that the phone would stick to that later date for future launches. In fact, the company could well be sticking to the later launch – the Foxconn employee might well be getting launch dates and manufacturing dates mixed up. But the idea of a new iPhone in a couple of months is certainly an appealing one.

As for what to expect from the phone, perhaps a new name of 'iPhone', if the iPad naming scenario applies across the mobile range. There's also talk of LTE connectivity, Apple’s new A6 processor, a larger display (possibly 4.6 inches) and that 'teardrop' design that has been talked about for many months.

All may – or may not – be revealed in a couple of months. We'll keep you posted.

Source: Cult of Mac

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