Galaxy Note reaches five million mark

According to the manufacturer, Samsung's Galaxy Note has shifted some pretty impressive numbers since its launch last October. The 5.3-inch behemoth has shipped more than five million units in five months, a figure that will surely rise next month when it hits the shelves in Japan, where it'll only be the third 4G compatible smartphone on sale.


The Galaxy S II is currently Samsung's fastest-selling smartphone after shipping 10 million units in its first six months but considering the pocket-bulging dimensions of the Galaxy Note, the Koreans must be delighted with the figures.


To demonstrate the sheer size of the Galaxy Note, Samsung recently travelled Thailand to visit Peter the elephant, where they let him play around with the device. Peter didn't use the S-Pen, however. Because he's an elephant. You can see the results here.


It's unclear exactly how many of the five million units sold have been bought by elephants.

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