Tattoos could be the future of mobile alerts

The latest development in mobile device alerts could be vibrating tattoos, if a recent patent by Nokia is anything to go by. According to a filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office, the technology would involve the application of a 'ferromagnetic' material onto the user either by tattooing, spraying or stamping.


Once applied, the material would then be paired with a device which could transmit haptic feedback via the magnetic field. In theory, this could be similar to the slight vibration felt when interacting with some HTC or Samsung handsets currently utilising haptic feedback touch-screens.


The lead inventor of the technology is credited as Cambridge-based Zoran Radivojevic and the filing goes on to suggest that the innovation may also be utilised as a security measure or identity check. Each marking could be specially designed to create a unique magnetic fingerprint therefore only allowing specific access to a verified user.


Of course, this is only a patent application and Nokia hasn't said whether or not it will be pursuing the idea.


Source: Unwired View via BBC

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