Are developers losing interest in Android?

New research carried out suggests that developers are seeing Android as less of a priority when it comes to creating new apps. The two-year study by platform and services company Appcelerator questioned app makers on their 'interest in platforms' and compared the results.


Unsurprisingly iOS reigns, with iPhone and iPad almost level with just under 90% interest. Android is third having steadily dropped almost 10 percentage points in six months to 78%, the lowest it has ranked in the study since March 2010.


Mobile strategist Mike King told The Register he believes the erosion of Android boils down to both fragmentation and difficulties in monetisation. In a nutshell, with most iOS users running the latest software version you can design an app which becomes available through the App Store and the developer picks up his cheque. Android is becoming more and more fragmented with many different versions and a 'multiplicity of Android app stores' making it harder for developers to turn their work into hard cash.


If that's not problem enough for the little green 'Droid, King warns that they might have to start looking over their other shoulder at the third tier of platforms, most notably Windows Phone. While currently sitting some way back at 40%, King added: 'We're getting some compelling Windows Phone devices out there. It's going to cause some problems for Android over the long-term if they don't do something to curtail that fragmentation.'


You can see where the interest level sits for your device's platform here.


Source: The Register


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