Apple iPad: Buyers report

The new iPad goes on sale today, which means some of the UK has been waiting impatiently – but stoically – outside their nearest Apple Store to get at their newly purchased Apple slates.


Dynamo PR was on hand to survey the Regent Street store's 397 queuers, a number it says is way down from last year's iPad 2 queue (632) when, presumably, you actually thought Apple might blow your mind the way it did with the iPhone 4.


Still, almost 400 is a mighty number to be snaking around Oxford Circus. 45% of them have never owned an iPad before, or indeed, a tablet, and 57% will be plumping for the top-end 64GB 3G/Wi-Fi model.


In comparison, the most popular model of the iPad 2 was the 16GB Wi-Fi entry-level version.


Unsurprisingly, 73% of people who would bother queuing on a Friday morning own an iPhone, though 10% were packing Android, with a not-inconsiderable 3% on Windows Phone, and 14% on 'other' (including BlackBerry).


So why, you might ask, are these queuers queuing at all, when the iPad is also available at Currys, Dixons, PC World plus a handful of operators and websites? Well, 13% wrongly assumed it was only available from Apple's Regent Street home, but 54% are there just 'to be there', 5% didn't pre-order one before they sold out and 28% couldn't actually say why they'd queued.


The Retina display was cited by 242 people as the killer feature – we'll have a full review of that very thing, very soon, but in the meantime, check out some pictures in our hands-on preview here.


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