New Nokia Lumia 800 update boosts performance

Good news if you happen to be in Singapore and own a Nokia Lumia 800 – your battery life is about to triple.

So why should we care about an update in Singapore? We care because the update should be heading to the UK imminently. The upgrade deals with a problem going back to last year, when Nokia confirmed there were issues for some users when it came to power. We tested the initial upgrade and found a significant improvement, although that wasn't the case for all users. Hopefully everyone will feel the benefit of this new firmware update.

The WP Central site 'force-upgraded' the update onto a Lumia 800, claiming it 'nearly tripled' battery life through better controlled screen brightness. In addition, the update tweaked the camera's white balance and improved the sound via the bass response. OK, the latter two changes aren't all that significant, but the increase in power has to be worth a few minutes of upgrading.

Which is all good if you live in Singapore, where the upgrade has rolled out first through Zune Desktop. The rest of the world (including the UK) is expected to get the update later this week.

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