R.I.P iPad 3, long live iPad HD

It's by no means certain, but it looks like the new iPad isn't going to be called the iPad 3. It could go by the name of the iPad HD instead.

Evidence is growing of a change in naming policy, both from the makers of add-ons for the new device and some web data recently caught by one eagle-eyed spotter. According to Gizmodo, 'part' listings from third-party makers Griffin and Belkin have referred to the new tablet as the iPad HD, which is a name well-suited to the new device in light of its expected 2048×1536 Retina display. Both companies might be guessing on the name, but it is a bit of a coincidence that both are using it, not just one manufacturer. More likely, the two firms have information about the new tablet in advance of the launch.

Not happy with that? Well, there's more. Independently of that previous report, a reader of that same site forwarded some web traffic data from a program called Tapatalk, which showed a device called the iPad HD popping up in there for the month of February. Not a lot of traffic, but enough to indicate a test device or two had been popping in now and again for a browse. Again, nothing concrete, but it does add weight to thr case of the iPad HD being the name.

We'll find out for sure late on Wednesday of next week. We'll also find out if there's a quad-core chip, bigger battery and a more powerful camera joining that enhanced screen, as well as discovering if the 'Home' button has been consigned to history. Not long to go now, but long enough for a few more rumours, that's for sure.

Source: Gizmodo

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