Samsung Galaxy Beam set for July launch

It was one of the quirkiest launches at the MWC event, but at the same time, one of the more interesting. We refer to the Samsung Galaxy Beam of course, which is a smartphone as well as a projector.

We featured its launch a few days back, with the phone offering a fairly average specification of Android Gingerbread and packing a rather modest 1GHz dual-core processor and a four-inch WVGA display. It could have been a launch from MWC 2011. But that was just half the story. This phone has that built-in projector, which operates at a 15-lumen brightness and fires out moving images up to 50 inches across, with the option to go HD as well. A larger than average 2000mAh battery should help with the power needed to do that over a longer period of time too.

All of that means a fairly chunky smartphone at 12.5mm thickness (compared to the skinny handsets we've seen this week) and a good chunk of cash out of your pocket, should you be looking at an unlocked model. The appropriately-named Unlocked Mobiles is already taking orders for the phone, offering it for £384.98 including VAT. A considerable price for a phone that's not really up with the pack, once you take away that projector feature.

But something else of interest is also listed on the site - the date of availability. Nothing was said at the official launch, but the retailer has this down for landing in July 2012. Later than we would have hoped, but a date nonetheless. Thing is, would you be keen on a Gingerbread phone in July? With talk of Android 5.0 in the summer of 2012, that particular operating system will be looking very long in the tooth, even with a novelty projector on-board.

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