HANDS ON: ViewSonic ViewPhone 3

Viewsonic Viewphone 3


We played around with ViewSonic's ViewPhone 3 at its MWC booth and were pleasently surprised. This single-core 800MHz phone may run Android 2.3, but the custom ViewSonic 3D overlay is cute and runs smoothly. You skim through the desktops by spinning a 3D wheel, a neat effect that we immediately liked.


Viewsonic Viewphone 3


Here's that 3D menu in action. The desktops actually animate as you spin through them, bringing your phone to life.


Viewsonic Viewphone 3


It's a colourful 3.5-inch screen, as you'd expect from a manufacturer skilled in crafting TV sets. You also get a five-megapixel camera, which seemed to do a decent job of capturing the dim interior of the MWC hall.


More on ViewSonic's MWC booth soon!


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