Windows Phone 7 Tango coming in April

It's not quite as significant as the update to Windows Phone 8 later in the year, but Windows Phone 7 Tango is still a step up for the Microsoft mobile platform, especially in terms of Microsoft growing its market share.

Not a massive one though and not one that warrants an official name change. Yes, it's called 'Tango', but this is still Windows Phone 7.5. Not even a 7.6 when it lands on phones in April. Speaking to journalists at MWC 2012, Windows Phone senior product manager Greg Sullivan said: 'This is Windows Phone 7.5. It's a refresh.'

That 'refresh' enables lower performance phones to use the Windows platform, which in turn should mean more budget Windows Phones. That's got to be a good thing, not least for Microsoft, which really needs to cover that end of the market if it is to take on the Android platform.

But there are a few improvements for higher-end phones too, although nothing that's likely to get your pulse racing. That includes the ability to attach more than one picture, audio notes and ringtones to MMS messages. Like we said, nothing too exciting. The main thing here is expanding the Windows Phone platform.

Commenting on his official blog, Joe Belfiore, head of the Windows Phone team said: 'Bringing Windows Phone to these new markets and price points isn't something we've taken lightly. We've been very deliberate in understanding local requirements, behaviour and of course the ramifications of introducing lower cost phones to the ecosystem.'

One of the first phones to see the new platform in action will be the Nokia Lumia 610, which we previewed here and should sell, contract-free, for around £189 from the spring.


Sources: TechRadar and PC Mag

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