iPad 3 launching on 7 March

Just as we predicted, Apple has confirmed that the launch of the iPad 3 will take place on 7 March. Or next Wednesday, if you like.

Not a lot else is being given away by Apple right now, although the invite, for once, does show the product that is being launched, namely that all-new iPad. It also throws in the latest slogan: 'We have something you really have to see. And touch'.

What does that mean? Well, if this was a TV quiz show, we would guess it means a touch-screen device (obviously) and one with an impressive look and/or screen. A 2048x1536 Retina display has been heavily rumoured, so that does make sense. A look at the screen on the invite indicates that too.

Aside from that, a new chip is also expected, likely to be of the quad-core variety, while an enhanced battery, a more powerful camera and LTE connectivity (which, sadly, isn't applicable to the UK) have all been talked about in the run up to this launch.

Not long to wait until we find out how much of that is true. All will be revealed in the latter part of next Wednesday, with pre-orders of the new tablet likely to follow soon after. Stick with us for all the detail.

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