MWC 2012: The ultimate guide to smartphone and tablet launches

Alcatel - One Touch 

The French manufacturer better known for its low-cost forays is going Android and the latest One Touch phones are Gingerbread-running smarties. Flagship device One Touch 995 (below) is upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich in summer.


Alcatel One Touch 995


Sounding pretty good to us is the 4.3-inch WVGA screen, 1.4GHz processor, five-megapixel camera and fun Alcatel overlay [42-second video] on the Android interface. 


Asus Padfone

This dual-core Android smartphone slots into a tablet, which attaches to a keyboard dock... The tech equivalent of turducken was on show here at Mobile World Congress and we´re looking forward to a full review soon.


Specs to know: Ice Cream Sandwich at launch, eight-megapixel camera, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display in a 9.2mm chassis and most interestingly, a stylus that doubles as headset. Hello, future.


Eee Memo 3D

Asus continues its understated creation of awesome tablets with this seven-inch tab that offers real 3D, glasses-free. We didn´t get up close to this one, and the official line from Asus is that UK launch hasn't been confirmed – nor did its PR team have the lowdown on its spec list, aside from an Ice Cream Sandwich OS. 


Fujitsu - waterproof phones and tablets

We all know what waterproof electronics look like – special. So it was a relief to head on over to Fujitsu's two-level warehouse/stand and see its entire range of sexy phones and tablets are waterproof by design.


Fujitsu Tab - submerged


In Japan, waterproof-ness, along with biometric security and 'wellness' apps, are a given for any smart device, along with slimline bods and high-spec cameras. 

We went hands-on with its 13-megapixel-packing quad-core Android Ice Cream Sandwich flagship, its smaller four-inch Gingerbread sibling, and the 10.1-inch Fujitsu Tab. All three are pipped to launch in the UK in Q3. 


HTC One series


HTC One smartphones


HTC launched a beautiful trio of Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphones with super-slim designs and sci-fi-worthy construction techniques used for satellites. We know, right? 


Check out our photos and preview of flagship HTC One X, 'standard' superphone One S, and a stylin' update to the HTC Legend, One V



One of the biggest shows at Mobile World Congress came from Huawei, whose giant dome loomed at the perimeter of the grounds, barricaded by protective bouncers. A one-time OEM-er, this Chinese manufacturer announced itself in a big way with a dead-skinny quad-core superphone, a tablet and a handful more Android phones. 


Huawei Ascend D Quad


Hit the links for our hands-on with the Ascend D Quad (above) and Honor. Unfortunately, the MediaPad was sequested in a display cabinet, so satisfy your craving with this straight up information hit instead. 



Mo' Android as we get to LG – despite rumours of a Windows-powered Miracle, there was nary a sniff of non-Android at its giant, glittering stand. 


LG Optimus 4X HD: IPS versus AMOLED screen

Spot the difference: The Optimus 4X HD sports an IPS+ screen with truer colours than ol' AMOLED, as per above

The quad-core, Ice Cream Sandwich packing Optimus 4X HD was its highlight, and we've got the hands-on photos to show you why. 


LG L-series L7

Behold L7...

Plus, LG goes for the mid-tier with its designer LG L-series, three Android phones with good looks and impressive pricing. Hands-on plus details here


We also previewed LG's answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note, the five-inch Optimus Vu, and the update to the world's first 3D phone, the Optimus 3D Max. Unfortunately, neither is launching in the UK – but there's no harm in looking. 



Perhaps the biggest surprise of the show came from Nokia, who released a phone with a 41-megapixel camera... and the Symbian Belle OS. 


Nokia 808 PureView


Hit our hands-on for the lowdown and photos of the Nokia 808 PureView – including example photos taken with its Gigantor lens. 


Nokia Lumia 610


Nokia is also the first manufacturer to release a phone on the Tango update of Windows Phone that supports lower-spec processors and memory. So the Lumia 610, above, will be going for about 189. Check out our hands-on to see if it suits you – and while you're at it, kick it up a notch with Nokia's new Windows flagship, the Lumia 900


Samsung - Galaxy galore

Despite cancelling its press conference, growing giant Samsung had six devices on show – and a whole lot of love for its flagship (at least until the Galaxy S III launches), the Galaxy Note 10.1.


Samsung stand at Mobile World Congress


Here's what you need to know about its updated Galaxy Tabs – the 10.1 and 7.0 – both of which launch in March on Ice Cream Sandwich. 


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - drawing


We also went hands-on with the Galaxy Note 10.1, a tablet that's going to appeal to a nice design market as well as someone simply wanting one of these new-fangled tablet things, and got touchy-feely in the dark with the projector-packing Galaxy Beam 


Samsung Galaxy Beam


Finally, continuing in its why-mess-with-a-good-thing theme, Samsung also released updates of two of its best-selling phones, the Galaxy S II Advance and Galaxy Ace Plus



We've already bashed out a full Sony Xperia S review, an excellent Android media machine, and at MWC, the entertainment theme continued with the launch of its smaller, slighter brothers, the Xperia P and U.


Sony Xperia S

Sony Xperia S 

All three phones sport Android Gingerbread (upgradeable to Ice Cream Sandwich) and dual-core processors, with brilliant, high-res displays. 


Sony Xperia P

Sony Xperia P


Sony Xperia U - colour!

Sony Xperia U - yellow stylee


Peep our all-in-one, hands-on photo preview for the Sony Xperia S, the four-inch Xperia P, and slimline Xperia Ray successor, the Xperia U – plus, get a taste of a Bond future with the Sony Smart Watch.



Still on the Android brigade, ViewSonic launched a Gingerbread-running ViewPhone that surprised us with its charming custom overlay:


ViewSonic ViewPhone


Our preview has the lowdown on this modestly chipped (800MHz) but capable dual-SIM smartphone. 


ViewSonic ViewPad E70


Plus, a ViewPad E70, also running Android Gingerbread with a similar overlay – this will launch in a 10.1-inch version and a more portable seven-inch version (above).



Last of all more on the budget Android end of MWC, with ZTE also debuting its first few own-brand devices. 


ZTE PF200 or Mimosa X


We heard about the dual-core Ice Cream Sandwich-packing Mimosa X before we even boarded the plane for Barcelona – but at the actual Congress, we only got some hands-on glory with the 'PF200', above, also running ICS from its launch sometime this summer.


ZTE Light Tab 3S


The Light Tab 3S is yet another member of the 10.1-inch tablet train – in our preview of both the smartphone and tablet, we saw little to differentiate it from other such slates, but that's likely to change when a price tag gets involved. 


As for the launches that failed to materialise: 

Acer CloudMobile

This definitely-existing Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone won a design thumbs up before MWC, but there was nary a sample to be seen onsite. 



Of course, nobody expected to see a hint of Mac – but Apple did manage to get a shout-out anyway, as it sent out invites to the iPad 3 launch in the middle of a Google keynote.



Contrary to rumours of an Intel-powered smartie, or the Atrix 3, Moto was showing off existing products like the RAZR, Motoluxe and Defy Mini. 



And that's our official roundup of Mobile World Congress 2012! Until next year... but we'll have plenty of super-powered, quad-core phone and tablet reviews to tide you over till then. 

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