HANDS ON: Nokia Lumia 610 preview

We've endured toe-treading and elbow assaults at MWC 2012 to get some hands-on action with the Nokia Lumia 610. This budget Windows device will retail for around £189 when it hits the UK in spring, which is even less than the Lumia 710 (£199).


Nokia Lumia 610


We're more enamoured with the Lumia 610's design compared to the old 710, thanks to the sleek silver metal edges. The white model is clean and shiny, but we preferred the bright and colourful blue model, which we imagine will appeal to a range of ages and lifestyles.


Nokia Lumia 610


You can also pick up a bright pink model. At 131.5g the Lumia 610 feels solid and weighty, which is good for a budget phone, although the 12mm body is a little chunky.


The Lumia 610 is certainly powerful enough to cope with Windows Mango too, which ran perfectly when we played around in the various menus. That's despite the cut-back 256MB of memory and single-core processor. The 3.7-inch screen lacks the vibrancy of more expensive models such as the Lumia 800 but is reasonably bright.


Nokia Lumia 610


A 5MP rear camera with f2.2 aperture appears to take crisp shots, but we'll fully test it out when we grab a review sample. You also get a commendable 8GB of storage for music, photos and movies.


More on the Nokia Lumia 610 soon!

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