Google launching a 7-inch tablet?

Not the first time we have heard about a Google tablet, but Richard Shim, an analyst with DisplaySearch, is claiming the tablet is a certainty – and will go into production soon.

According to Mr Shim, the Google-branded tablet will have a seven-inch, 1280x800-pixel display and will go into production in April, possibly with the aim of taking on the hugely popular Amazon Kindle Fire. The analyst reckons there will be an initial production run of between 1.5 million to two million units.

That's very much in line with the earlier report out of Asia, which had talked about a budget tablet, aiming for a $199 (£128) price point. Like the DisplaySearch report, that earlier story claimed it would run Ice Cream Sandwich from day one.

However, there are two differences between the stories. Mr Shim claims the device would go into production in April, as opposed to the device launching in April, as the earlier leak suggested. He's also not clear how Google will market the device: 'I don't know how they plan on marketing it. If it's going to be a premium device, or if it's going to be a Kindle Fire type competitor,' he said.

With the Kindle Fire shifting big units (Amazon is said to have shipped 5.3 million Fires in the fourth quarter), there's obviously a market for A seven-inch the right price. Apple is also said to be looking into a smaller iPad, so if Google wants to take a cut of this market, it needs to move quickly. It looks like the company will now do just that.

Source: CNET

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