HTC launches One smartphone family

HTC has unveiled its ‘One' series of smartphones in Barcelona, including a super-powerful quad-core handset and a budget-friendly Legend update. The three new phones (HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V) all run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and boast impressively capable cameras that put your compact snapper to shame.




The HTC One X is the new flagship phone, boasting an ultra-thin polycarbonate unibody design. That means it's surprisingly light as well as slender, with glossy edges and a soft-touch back. The HTC One X is beautiful on the outside, but also smart on the inside, packing a quad-core processor that hopefully won't drain the battery in minutes.


Movies look fantastic on the bright and supremely crisp 4.7-inch screen, and you can carry a decent media collection with you thanks to the 32GB of built-in storage. There's also support for NFC, for when we ditch the cash moneys and start flashing our phones to pay for junk.




Moving down the scale, the HTC One S is a 4.3-inch mobile rocking a dual-core processor and a unibody metal frame, made through a ridiculously exciting process called Micro-Arc Oxidation. This involves bathing the phone in plasma and electrifying it so it momentarily becomes ‘hotter than the sun', instantly carbonising the frame. This makes the 7.6mm body ultra-tough – not surprising, since Micro-Arc Oxidation was previously used to manufacture satellites!




The HTC One V is the smaller sibling, similar to the HTC Legend in design. The smooth metal body features the same jutting lip and sports a 3.7-inch screen as well as a 1GHz processor.


Killer cameras


HTC has focused on four areas with the three One phones: camera, audio, design and connectivity. The cameras on all three models can boot up and shoot a pic in under a second, while f2.0 lenses take in more light for brighter indoor shots. A built-in HTC Image Chip fiddles with your snaps automatically to improve image colour, saturation etc.


HTC has really gone all out with its cameras, giving you quick and easy burst modes, the ability to take pictures as you're shooting video, and a flash that automatically adjusts its strength so your subjects don't appear washed out. There really is no need to carry around a compact any more.


Fantastic features


The One series also boasts Beats Audio, and you can wirelessly stream your media to your TV using an optional accessory known as the Media Link HD (HTC's tech reps did apologise for the lack of exciting names in this article). Plug this wireless dongle into your HDMI slot and you can shift your phone's display to your TV with a quick swipe, for sharing a Skype call or enjoying a film with your family.


The HTC One family will be available early April, with pricing TBC


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