Orange launches Quick Tap Treats for NFC phones

If you have an NFC phone, it's finally paying off. Orange has launched the first rewards scheme to take advantage of the contactless technology.


Quick Tap Treats is partnered with EAT, allowing any Orange customer with an NFC-enabled phone to tap their handset on NFC-tagged posters to get a free snack every day.


Of course, the most important question now is "what kind of snack?" And the snacks are surprisingly substantial, ranging from the pedestrian piece o' fruit to a ham and cheese baguette. You can also upgrade certain foods like the breakfast bacon sandwich to a larger size, generally a good thing to do to bacon snacks. The free snack menu will be added to over time in case you get bored of your daily freebies.


You'll receive a text letting you know you can do it – if you use an NFC handset such as the Samsung Wave 578, Galaxy Nexus, Nokia Lumia 800 or BlackBerry Bold Touch. If you don't know if your phone is NFC-friendly, you can check at Orange's website when it launches.


Last year Orange and Barclays launched the UK's first contactless payment services under Quick Tap, Orange's umbrella term for NFC services, and Quick Taps Treat is its next phase.


Quick Tap Treats launches in early March and runs till summer. The future, it is here and it involves free snacks.

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