Firefox phone could showcase at MWC

Back in July of last year, we mentioned that Mozilla, creator of Firefox, was developing its own operating system, going by the unusual name of Boot to Gecko. Nothing much has been heard since, but that could be about to change next week.

Mozilla is holding an event at Mobile World Congress, which is expected to give the platform a big launch. By platform, we mean a mobile operating system and an app market, all being very much open source, so you can get apps for your phone without being locked into the infrastructure of the big app stores. At the other end of that, companies could set up their own app stores to offer apps, which could be accessed by a variety of Boot to Gecko devices. It makes the app market more open in theory and should challenge the dominance of Google and Apple.

To showcase how this will work, Mozilla needs a phone and if the rumours are true, LG will have a handset that uses the Mozilla OS on the stage of MWC. In terms of the breakdown of the phone, no one really knows much. But it's said to be going on sale next week, aimed very much at developers who want to work with the platform ahead of the real arrival, probably next year.

It's also rumoured that LG will be joined by other 'partners' at the event, likely to be some of the big mobile networks, which will certainly benefit from a platform that allows them to market their own apps from their own network-based app stores.

Yes, it sounds a little vague now, but hopefully more detail will come out next week. One thing is for sure though, the launch of Boot to Gecko will be one of the biggest stories to come out of MWC 2012.

Sources: Extreme Tech and Engadget

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