iPhone 5 pushed back to autumn

Mixed messages coming out about the iPhone 5, with the latest rumour claiming a launch for Apple's new smartphone isn't scheduled until much later in the year.

That source is Japanese blog Macotakara, which claims to have had the word from 'reliable' insiders about the late launch, which is now being pitched around September or October. The blog is in Japanese, but if you want the Google Translate version of the key section, it says: 'We talk about the next iPhone, seems to be around before and after 1 year to 10 September announced 4S iPhone, and this cycle seems to continue for a while... the next iPhone will be released in September or October, and this cycle seems to be kept for years.'

So late this year then, with that particular time of the year being a regular iPhone launch time for the forseeable future. That's a line backed up by the Mac Rumors site, which is talking about a September launch, based on word from a parts provider. Saying that, the date isn't entirely cut and dried. Previous rumours have pointed towards the new iPhone already being in production ahead of a summer launch. Who to believe?

Well, you'd be inclined to think the later date is the correct one. Apple still has a big selling phone in the iPhone 4S and bringing in a new iPhone when the existing one is well under a year old would be a strange move from the company. A summer launch would be a pleasant surprise, but we're expecting the iPhone 5 to be doing its main business in the run up to Christmas 2012.

Sources: Recombu and Macotakara

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