APP WATCH: Google+ for iOS updated

An update to the Google+ app that just sorts out a few niggles wouldn't necessarily be newsworthy. But this new version of Google+ for iOS does throw in an interesting new feature – it automatically backs up your snaps.

It's a feature previously available to Android users. After all, iOS has its own iCloud photo service, which also backs up your photos for archiving and browsing elsewhere. But if you want to back up to Google too, just enable the service within the app and you can do just that for both photos and videos.

So why is this within the Google+ app? That's because your photos are stored within a private Google+ album. Should you then wish to share your images or video with your circle of friends and acquaintances, go on the 'Photos from your phone' tab under Photos in Google+ on the Web and you can do just that. Once the feature is enabled, photos will be automatically uploaded as long as the Google+ app is open in the background – or a batch will be uploaded next time the app is booted up.

It's a neat little feature, as the background uploading should make sharing so much quicker and easier within your group of friends, with the added bonus of more backing up, should that media be important to you. A couple of other minor additions are also included in the update (see who did a +1 on a post and a 'what's hot' stream), all of which is free when you download the updated app.

Source: PC World

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