Android 5.0 landing in summer 2012

Another Android, another silly name. In this case, Android 5.0 will be known as Android Jelly Bean. It's also coming sooner than you might think.

Yes, with the Ice Cream Sandwich rollout still far from complete, Google has its eyes on the launch of the next generation of its operating system. That's apparently because of Ice Cream Sandwich, which has failed to set the world on fire so far and just as importantly, struggled to get the tills ringing. Although with so few devices using it, that's hardly a surprise right now.

According to Digitimes, which has been talking to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, the new version of Android will launch in the second quarter of 2012. That's not long off, but with Google slightly wary about the launch of Windows 8 (landing in the third quarter of 2012), Jelly Bean is being pushed as a priority right now.

That's not to say Google is anti-Windows 8. If the same source is to be believed, Google might be about to embrace it. Google will offer Android 5.0 on its own or alternatively, will give device makers the opportunity to use Android and Windows 8 on the same tablet, with the ability to choose between the two systems without switching off the device. The new OS will also integrate some of Chrome's functions, so is likely to push onto netbooks and laptops too, as Google looks to develop some kind of universal OS.

A new Google tablet has been rumoured, but was originally talked about as being an Ice Cream Sandwich device. If Jelly Bean is being brought forward, there's every chance that the Google tablet could be the device to launch it. More on this as and when we hear.

Source: Digitimes

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