MWC 2012: The ultimate lowdown

IT'S OVER! Move on to our official roundup of the super phones and tablets launched at Mobile World Congress for your totally legal fix of the hottest tech around.



With Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicking off in Barcelona real soon, we've already packed our sombrero and done various other stereotypical and mildly racist things. Our calendar's packed with dozens of booth tours, so we'll be clambering up at the break of dawn (around 10am) to bring the hottest hands-on previews of the latest smartphones and tablets.


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 Mobile World Congress 2012 MWC

So what are we expecting to be announced? Well, you may have noticed a fair few rumours knocking around our news section recently, and some manufacturers have got a little overexcited and spilled their surprises already. Here's what to look out for:


Mobile World Congress (MWC) cheat sheet

What: One of Europe's biggest technology expos, focusing on mobile tech such as smartphones and tablets

Where: Fira Montjuic, Barcelona


When: Monday 27 February – Thursday 1 March 2012

The lowdown: Mobile Choice will be racing around the MWC halls like an excitable puppy on Class A drugs, covering as much of the action as humanly possible. Expect video previews, shock announcements, surprise, intrigue, and scenes containing mild peril. And tapas.


The best thing about MWC?



The Low-Down on Each Manufacturer


Acer's CloudMobile handset, which has already won an iF Design Award thanks to its sexy stainless steel finish, will be shown off for sure. It's slim, it rocks a 4.3-inch HD display and apparently runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We're expecting great things.


Acer CloudMobile MWC 2012

Acer should also be showing off its latest tablets, the Acer Iconia Tab A200 and Iconia Tab A510. The Tabs have been hit-and-miss in the past, but hopefully Acer has learnt from its mistakes to produce a worthy iPad alternative.

Alcatel One Touch
Alcatel just announced its One Touch 282, an oldie-friendly Android phone with a smart, simple interface and a built-in SOS feature. In fact, we managed to get a sneak peek, and our full review is now online! We're expecting the 282 and a few other Alcatel devices to emerge during MWC.

As usual, the fruity iPhone manufacturer won't be attending, preferring to launch the iPad 3 on its own terms. Rumours are strong that the new iPad will emerge mid-March, so keep your browsers pointed at Mobile Choice for the latest gossip.

The Asus Padfone is a mysterious beast, still skulking in the shadows, but we're expecting a smart tablet/smartphone hybrid like the Motorola Atrix.


Asus Padfone MWC 2012

HTC's new flagship smartphone has experienced a bit of an identity crisis. First it was the HTC Edge, then the HTC Endeavour, then the HTC Endeavor, and now it's completely changed again. Get ready for the One series.


We're expecting the premium One smartphone to pack a powerful quad-core processor, along with a powerful eight-megapixel camera boasting all kinds of great features. Despite this, it's looking impressively thin and light.


Two more One models should also be unveiled, a mid-range smartphone and a budget device. All three models will sport Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Tasty.


In more general rumours, HTC could be producing handsets that are compatible with the Sony Entertainment Network. This means you'll be able to download classic PlayStation games onto your mobile. HTC is also rumoured to be working on a new music streaming service working in conjunction with Beats Audio. Perhaps it'll all become clear at MWC.

Details are slim, but we're expecting a quad-core monster phone to be unleashed, currently going under the name Huawei Ascend D1 Q. Catchy.

So many rumours, so little time. LG was tight-lipped about its MWC plans, until this Thursday morning. Now we're expecting a new 3D handset (dubbed the LG Optimus 3D Max), a beastly quad-core smartphone (called the LG Optimus 4X HD) and a Windows Phone dubbed the LG Miracle.


LG Miracle unveiled at MWC?

Not forgetting of course the new L-Series designer models. We think March might be a busy month for reviews....


We wouldn't be surprised if even more smartphones came scuttling out from under the covers, and of course we'll cover every dang last one of them.

The Americans have been surprisingly quiet so far, but just last week we saw images of an Intel-powered smartphone emerge. It's thin, it packs Google Ice Cream Sandwich, and the camera is rumoured to be something special.


We've also seen the Atrix 3, spotted out in the wild.

Despite busying itself with recent Lumia releases, Nokia is rumoured to be unveiling six new handsets at MWC. More Lumias are expected, as well as the Nokia 808 PureView (successor to the nifty little Nokia N8) and some Asha handsets. If the rumours are true, our fingers are going to be withered and useless from typing at the speed of light during Nokia's launch event. Cheers guys.


Nokia Lumia 900 to be launched at MWC?

Just a month ago, we were expecting phone launches galore from the Koreans, including the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S II Plus and a million other Galaxy branded devices. Then last week happened, and Samsung announced it wasn't showing off any new kit at MWC. That's zero, zilch, bugger all.

At first we thought it was a joke, but Samsung officially cancelled its launch event. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has already been unveiled, and it looks like we'll be waiting a while longer for more Samsung smartphones.

After its recent split with Ericsson, Sony will want to prove to the world that it can make damn good phones all on its own, by gum. The Xperia S will be the big news. We've already had a hands-on, so we know the deets, but we're expecting some other Sony phones to emerge too, including an Xperia U and Xperia P.


Sony Xperia S hands-on

What happens when they've used up every letter of the alphabet? We're not too sure. Perhaps the universe will implode?


Beefy, rugged smartphones are the new horses in ViewSonic's stables. Expect tough, durable mobiles that can survive a sandstorm, or even a wild night out in Luton. The latest ViewPad tablets will also be on show, and we're hoping for more like the ViewPad 7x, a surprisingly solid media machine.


We'll be updating the Mobile Choice website throughout Mobile World Congress with the latest news, hands-on videos and reviews of the delicious tapas. Check back every day for more!


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