Your Genius Guide to iOS

Your Genius Guide to iOS

If you've just bought your first iPhone or iPad, congratulations – here's a quick and simple guide to getting the most out of your shiny new gadget. Long-term Apple fans should take a look too, as we've detailed how to backup your data using iCloud.


Apple iPhone 4S

Cheat sheet

What is iOS: Apple's software for iPhones and iPads, and the newest iPod touch

Claim to fame: Made touch-screen tech and mobile internet acceptable to non-geeks; capable of inciting fervour bordering on religious

Strength: Streamlined software and hardware design

Weakness: Far fewer customisation options than other OSes



Apple iPhone 4S

Get your contacts off the phone - Genius rating 3 stars

You have two options here, depending on whether you have a Gmail account.


If you have a Gmail account:

1. Open iTunes and be sure that you have already synched your iPhone

2. Select your iPhone under the Devices tab

3. Click on the Info tab and check the ‘Sync Contacts' box

4. Select Google contacts from the drop-down menu

5. Your contacts are now on Google, and you can add this Gmail address to any other smartphone platform to pull your contacts there


If you don't have a Google account, you should export contacts as a CSV file:

1. Open iTunes and select the iPhone under the devices tab

2. Click on the Info tab and check the Sync Contacts box

3. Select Windows Address book and click Apply. Now your contacts are in your Windows address book

4. Open the Run command window by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard and R

5. This opens the address book, so hit File and Export

6. Save the CSV file on the desktop. You can now import this file to another smartphone


Apple iPhone 4S

Control your music collection - Genius rating 1 star

Synching your iPhone with iTunes is the only way to move your music collection. Select manual sync to prevent iTunes from wiping your phone of music that isn't on your PC - say if you copy it from a friend's PC.


Get push email on your webmail account - Genius rating 2 stars

Except for Microsoft Exchange accounts, all email set up on the iPhone's native app is only delivered at intervals of minimum five minutes. But what if you desperately need to be notified of email the instant it arrives?

1. Go into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendar

2. Select Add Account and pick Exchange

3. Use the following settings to make your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! an Exchange account:

In the Email field, enter your full webmail address
Leave the Domain field blank
Enter your webmail address (including the bit after the ‘@') as the Username 
Enter your webmail password as the Password

Tap Next

Choose Accept if the Unable to Verify Certificate dialog appears


A new Server field will appear. Enter

Press Next at the top of your screen again

4. You can then choose to sync contacts, email and calendar with this webmail


Apple iPhone 4S

3 Tips to work the keyboard - Genius rating 1 star

Double-tap spacebar for period
Double tap shift for all-caps
Hold down each letter for different permutations of each letter such as accents


Hard reset - Genius rating 1 star

In the terrible event of everything freezing, hold down the home button and top button for 10 seconds. Your iPhone will reboot and everything will be okay again. We hope.


Apple iPhone 4S features iOS 5

Setting up iCloud - Genius rating 1 star

If you have iOS 5, you'll have access to iCloud, Apple's online backup service for content on your iPhone. Set up your iCloud account on iPhone, iPad or Mac to sync content as well as remotely find, lock and wipe these devices.

1. Go into Settings and select iCloud. Input your Apple ID and password

2. You can then select the type of content you want to automatically backup

3. If you have an iPad or iPod Touch on iOS 5, or a Mac running on OS X Lion, you can also set up your iCloud account on these devices

4. If you have an iPad or iPod Touch, run through steps 1-2 for them. If you have a Mac on OS X Lion, go to step 5

5. Go into System Preferences and select iCloud. Input your Apple ID and password

6. Select the type of content you want to back up [screenshot - NS to take]

7. If you want content you buy on iPhone or iPad to be downloaded to your Mac, go into iTunes, select Store, and enable Automatic Downloads

8. Be sure to turn Photo Stream on iPhone, iPad or Mac - photos from the Camera are automatically uploaded over Wi-Fi and downloaded to all devices linked to your iCloud account

TIP: Photos uploaded via Photo Stream don't count against your 5GB free iCloud storage.


Apple iPad app store

Protect your phone - Genius rating 1 star

For non-iOS 5 users, download the free Find My iPhone app, which will locate your iPhone if it's on, with options to remotely lock or wipe it.


Apps for that Use your iPhone as a remote - Genius rating 2 stars

Download these remote access apps to control your computer with your iPhone. (All require a companion program to be downloaded to the computer.)




remoteless iPhone iOS

Control Spotify via a full-featured interface when on the same Wi-Fi network




TeamViewer iOS iPhone app review


A full remote access app that lets you do anything you'd do on the computer itself, except on your phone



VLCmote iOS iPhone review

Control VLC player – a media player that plays virtually all file formats including the dozens that the iPhone doesn't


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