Samsung Galaxy S II ICS update imminent?

All has been a little quiet on the Ice Cream Sandwich front since Samsung announced its schedule late last year. Back then, the company pointed to early upgrades for both the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, but no word has come from the Korean manufacturer since. However, one well-known blogger claims the updates are almost ready to roll out.

At least, the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Galaxy S II is anyway. Using the medium of Twitter (like many such leaks these days), industry insider Eldar Murtazin said: 'Android 4 aka ICS for SGS2 will be officially available from 1 March.' Which is a Twitter-friendly way of saying Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S II will be officially rolled out from 1 March.

That's within the parameters that Samsung set last year, which promised the update in the first quarter of 2012. Of course, this could just be guesswork by Mr Murtazin, but it does make some sense. As well as being within Samsung's timescale, it also gives the Galaxy S II additional appeal to buyers, especially with the much talked-about Galaxy S III unlikely to appear on the shelves until the second half of 2012. But before you get too excited, that update might not be as immediate as the headline date suggests.

Murtazin added that the date of the upgrade for owners would depend on both country and network operator. So expect a steady worldwide rollout of the 'over-the-air' upgrade and don't expect the procedure of getting it through the networks to be quick. Saying that, if you're in the right place and own a SIM-free device, it could be just a few weeks away.

Hopefully a statement will come from Samsung soon clarifying things. In the meantime, sit tight, wait and hope.

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