Apple iPad 3 shot hints at bigger battery

As we mentioned yesterday, the iPad 3 is heavily rumoured to be launching in early March. We already reported that the new tablet was in production, so don't be surprised to see some shots of the iPad 3 floating around. Like this one for example.

OK, it's not the most impressive shot of the iPad 3 you'll see in the next month. But it is an interesting one if you look close enough and want to know what the new iPad will offer. The image comes from the Fix iPhones blog, which has gone over it with a magnifying glass to confirm a couple of features.

The image compares the iPad 2 back (on the left) to the one on the iPad 3. Now to us, with our lesser-trained eye, we can't see a great deal of difference. But there is a difference. According to the blog, the width of where the tablet's logic board sits is much wider on the iPad 2 than it is on the iPad 3. That means there's more room for the battery, which means more power for the next generation tablet. Great news, I'm sure you'll agree.

Also, they point out that there's a bigger hole for the camera lens, which indicates a more powerful camera, possibly of the HD variety. Finally, a change in mountings suggests a new and improved LCD panel, which we're all convinced will definitely happen.

So differences, but nothing radical, if those images are legitimate. Although it is much as we expected if you also throw a quad-core processor into the mix. If you want more iPad 3 images, more leaked images will certainly arrive soon. After all, there a window of three or four weeks before the expected grand unveiling.

Source: Repair Labs blog

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