Apple iPad 3 to launch in early March

The iPad 3 was rumoured for February, further rumoured for March, and now it's even more rumoured, suggesting it's kinda almost gonna happen.


Yep, the internet and its 'sources close to the matter' are claiming that the iPad 3 will be unveiled in early March, followed by a likely shelf date of late March.


That's not so crazy, as the iPad 2 followed the exact same schedule, as did the original iPad, and seeing as Apple generally releases on an annual basis, we're fairly confident these rumours will coalesce into a spiffy new iPad roundabouts spring time.


The question is, will it be an iPad 3, or more of an iPad 2S? Current mutterings suggest that the 333ppi Retina display of the iPhone 4 will get a 2048x1536 expansion to appear in the next iPad, along with a quad-core chip – gotta keep up with the competition after all – and improved graphics performance.


Whatever it is, we'll be keeping our typing fingers at the forefront of the gossip mill.


Source: All Things D

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